Princeton Peak Piano Retreat

Participate in the 11th Princeton Peak Piano Retreat, Buena Vista, CO: July 27- July 31, 2015

The Princeton Peak Piano Retreat encompasses a whole body approach to the study of piano. Each day can begin with an easy hike or a Tai Chi class, with the surrounding mountains and the sound of the Arkansas River adding to the relaxing spirit of the morning.

Classes start promptly at 9:45am, each morning. Participants should arrive on Sunday, July 26th , as Piano Master Classes start  promptly at 9:45am on Monday morning. Also on Monday, an introductory class in Alexander Technique is offered at 8:30am. The Alexander Technique is
a method of drawing awareness to one’s body movement so that control is relaxed and deliberate. For musicians, the technique can identify and assist with body and movement issues which interfere with fluid performance, and which may even cause pain.

Daily master classes are with Jo Boatright. A maximum of fifteen participants each have a 50-minute class master-class session.. All master class participants benefit from the fifteen hours of teaching, sure to include gems for better playing from Jo’s career and her intimate knowledge of the wisdom and technique of the late Lili Kraus.

Afternoons may be spent practicing or taking private lessons with Jo and Harvey. Practice pianos are available in the homes of Buena Vista residents.

On Saturday evening, August 1st,  the retreat culminates with a public recital given by the participants. A reception and farewell party follow the recital.

There are three ways to participate in the PPPR:

  1. Participants may attend each master class, perform in one master class and play in the recital.
  2. Auditors may observe each of the master classes.
  3. An Observer may attend just one or up to fifteen of the master classes.

Any pianist attending the retreat may elect one or two private lessons with either Jo or Harvey. All class and lesson times are allocated based on receipt of application.

Registration form to be attached here, ready to be downloaded and printed. 

Please mail a copy of your completed application and the deposit amount to:
Walden Chamber Music Society
Attention: Jo Boatright
30594 CR 371
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Questions regarding the 2015 Princeton Peak Piano Retreat may be directed to

2014-2015 Walden Chamber Music Society Scholarships
The Walden Chamber Music Society is offering two music scholarships to two Chaffee County students in the amount of $1,000.00 each. The purpose of this award is to support and encourage the study of music by a graduating senior who is planning to major in music at an accredited college/university/conservatory next year. The funds are dispersed directly to the institution designated by the applicant. It is the responsibility of the recipient to provide the institution’s contact information to

Music scholarship criteria:
*Applicant must be a graduating senior from a Chaffee County school program.
*Applicant must be able to demonstrate musical talent and accomplishments.
*Applicant must be pursuing enrollment in a accredited college, university or 
conservatory of music.
*Applicant must demonstrate high academic achievement.
*Scholarships are awarded on the basis of musical ability and financial need.

Application process:
*Applications are available from the high school counselors or music teachers.
*Applications should include three letters of recommendation:

  1. from a music teacher or a private music instructor.
  2. from another teacher, advisor or administrator.
  3. from an employer, minister or other adult as a character reference.

*Please provide a copy of the official high school transcript.
*Applications are due by April 20, 2015

Click here to download or print the Walden Scholarship Application.

Please submit a hard copy of your completed application to:
Walden Chamber Music Society
P.O. Box 5237
Buena Vista, CO 81211
Attention: Walden Scholarship Committee

Questions regarding the application may be directed to